freedomwatch is a micro-directory and sampling of some of the best news and info sources available that accurately portray what is happening in the world, something that you cannot get on the psyops-saturated mainstream media with its incessant propaganda, censorship, spin and misdirection. Without clarity, we become pawns of the globalist billionaires who own the mass media and social networks, and who are feverishly manipulating public perception in order to minimise resistance to totalitarian global governance.

What gives these globalists the right to totalitarian control over the rest of humanity? Precisely nothing. They may try to justify their attempted global coup as being 'for our own good' and the 'good of the planet', but at the end of the day, there is no ratification for their scramble for power, which is now blatantly out in the open and clearly not in the public interest. They are grabbing power because they can; few are putting up any resistance because the majority are distracted by the "bread and circuses" of the mass media.

But this is fortunately changing as ever-increasing numbers wake up to the psyops games the globalists are conducting, realising that they have been and are being played. People are abandoning the mainstream media and censorious social media channels because they are tired of the incessant manipulation, and the consequences of blindly following 'official' advice and decrees that, in hindsight, consistently damage the lives of the general population while enriching those of the 'elite'. What is at stake if we lose this information war is our freedom, health, prosperity and even our lives, and that of our children.

Losing this battle translates to permanent lockdowns, ill-health, loneliness, and premature death, and terrible poverty and suffering. And the contrived justifications used to push totalitarianism are milab-created infections and pandemic declarations; climate-change alarmism based on inaccurate models and exaggerated data; constant wars and conflict around the world to enrich the military-industrial complex and escalate homeland 'security'; the spectre of terrorism both internationally and domestically; orchestrated financial collapse with insane and irresponsible fiscal policies; social disintegration by unintegrable mass immigration; and contrived food and energy scarcities.

And each is being used to justify the other: for example, climate change is being used to justify destabilising levels of migration, permanent lockdowns (marketed as convenient 15-min cities), and the dismantling of farming; wars are being used to justify mass immigration; pandemic declarations are being used to destroy economies and break social cohesiveness; energy scarcities and pandemic declarations are being used to encourage financial collapse, allowing authoritarian governments to take over in their 'rescue'.

Once we see through the manipulations being used to degrade democracy into totalitarianism, we cannot unsee it. The game being played is very obvious, and the billionaire 'elite' orchestrating this process looks decidedly shifty and smug. When we wake up to what is actually happening, the incomprehensible government policies, clown-world observations and coincidences start to make sense. From the bigger picture, it is all a means to a totalitarian end. And a rapidly growing percentage of society is seeing through this charade. They say it takes as little as 3.5% of the general population to change society, and we are certainly past that small percentage of awakened people.

People everywhere now have a very healthy distrust of government authority and the billionaire 'philanthropists' pushing duplicitous agendas. We are waking up and building a new world from the ground-up because we realise that those at the top do not have our interests at heart. If we bow to authority now, even in the face of orchestrated calamity, we will live to regret it. For the resistance to grow, however, alternative news and information outlets are essential to fuel this awakening because search engines and AI chat bots are prioritising 'official-narrative' and 'fact-checked' (censor-approved) information and websites that support the globalist agendas. Non-official info sources are being buried pages down in the search results or, increasingly, omitted altogether.

This site will be largely invisible in search engine results and AI data fetches, and so we rely on you finding us by serendipity and personal recommendation. If you like the content and our info source listings, please consider recommending us to your friends as a tiny but useful directory listing. We also avoid using Google Analytics, Google fonts, and any other Google web services, so we are not throwing you to the tracking wolves, although it is likely that you are being tracked through the browser and the ISP/mobile you are using. But hey, why not make it a little less easy for the trackers?

If you have any questions or comments relating to any of the content, please contact the originator by drilling through to the source, which will usually on another site. We just choose what to include as a taster for the content creators who deserve our utmost gratitude and respect. One day, when this nightmare is over, those content creators and whistleblowers will be regarded as heroes — the White Rose members of today who put themselves on the line to resist tyranny.

We need to not only survive this battle for our freedom, but thrive in the process. There is much to be hopeful for, despite it appearing that we are in the darkest of times. As we reject the authoritarian parasites that have fed off the general population for so long, so much energy and resources can be reappropriated to helping ourselves, our families and our communities. New financial and barter systems are springing up; new healthcare systems have been developed; status-quo politicians are being rejected; and there is a general return to more traditional and less toxic methods of healing and farming. At the same time, there seems to be a mass spiritual awakening as increasing numbers turn to the Divine during times of crisis.

And perhaps you too have joined their ranks and become a member of the growing network of sovereign beings that will ensure that the cabal of billionaires who mistakenly think of themselves as 'the elite' with a right to rule the herd, and who pose as ecologists (despite flying private jets) and medical experts (despite peddling dangerous mRNA injections) in order to realise their dreams of Big Brother control and depopulation agendas. All it takes is passing on information to others, information that could make a vast difference to their lives in the long run, even if they are not yet open to it for now.

This process of awakening is already spreading like wildfire, and we actually have the sociopathic billionaires to thank for this. If it wasn't for them playing such a Machiavellian hand, there would not be such a powerful impetus to grow in consciousness and create new democratic communities and networks from the ground-up. It is important that we do not hate these sociopaths, for in hating them too much we can ourselves can adopt some of their characteristics. What is more, chronic hatred damages our health and sanity. Resistance in love is far more potent than resistance in hatred, and our job is to peacefully create a new world for ourselves, while making these sociopaths irrelevant to this process of new life and growth.

Please note that any health advice, treatment protocols and health products listed on this site are for interest only and are not prescriptive. We cannot give you further information and cannot comment on any particular health condition or medical requirement. We always recommend you seek the advice of an independent healthcare practitioner, preferably one with the insight and fortitude to oppose mRNA 'vaccinations'.

Thank you for visiting this site and for being a part of the pushback against the globalist predators.

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