We live in wicked times. Murder has become acceptable as those who influence and control society push for a New World Order, justifying and misrepresenting any means to attain their goal, no matter how immoral or enslaving. These globalist monsters think nothing of you or your family, for in their minds, most need to be culled as there are too many humans on this planet for their totalitarian global visions.

The COVID-19 pandemic was their opening salvo in the war they are now waging on humanity, a war that justifies mass-murder on a scale never seen in our history. This is a battle for the soul of humanity, and for us to lose this battle against the globalists will see that soul destroyed and humanity enslaved in a high-tech surveillance society.

Those waging war against us are our own governments in league with multinational corporations, psychopathic billionaires and bankers, and all those directly on their combined payroll (which includes most medical researchers, doctors and nurses). And behind this coalition of government and big business are the private globalist clubs (WHO, WEF, UN, etc.) our governments have signed us up to and which are funded by our tax money and corporate investment. We are at war against those with enough money to distort the democratic process and completely take over society by buying off key players. And nowhere is this corruption more evident than in the current medical establishment.

This site is a non-profit, public-service, information portal for those wanting to know about the medical tyranny that has arisen during these COVID-times, what we can do to restore our health, our sovereignty and our liberty. You cannot easily find this information online or off — even search engines seem to bury this information many pages down their listings — so we put together this small portal to highlight what is going on with these endless novel “pandemics” and mRNA injection "solutions". And what we have found is shocking.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the greatest crime against humanity in human history has been perpetrated in the last couple of years, right under our noses, and continues to be perpetrated today, but few are cognisant of this fact because the mainstream media is censoring and spinning, doing everything it can to maintain an official fairytale narrative of the government and Big Pharma “keeping us safe” from a deadly “pandemic” with lockdowns, masks and “safe and effective vaccines”. How noble of them! But this whole narrative is a lie — a means to the end of enforcing tyranny.

It is this narrative that is being pulled over your eyes at every opportunity. You have to know where to look to find the truth, and even then it is all too easy to dismiss as “conspiracy theory” no matter how factually based. We dismiss conspiracy because the mainstream media has programmed us to do so, but there is another factor of the implications of this COVID-19 conspiracy: if is true, the implications are absolutely terrifying. So, for most, it is easier just to believe that our governments have our best interests at heart, and obey their diktats, no matter how unreasonable or unscientific.

This is where sites like this one come in: FreedomWatch and its mirror gather non-mainstream information by independent researchers that allows visitors to connect the dots, hopefully without information overload. When those dots connect, what seems like a bewildering array of coincidental disasters that are happening — pandemics, wars, poverty, chaos, food shortages, energy crises, inflation, mass-migration and a huge rise in illness and deaths (even amongst the young) — can be seen for the orchestrated plan it is, a plan by the globalists to grab power and destroy nations through medical tyranny, fear campaigns, social disintegration and mass-murder.

When you can see the bigger picture, you realise that obedience to governments that push globalist agendas (practically all of them) is entirely misplaced and is endangering your life, that of your children, and indeed, the future of humanity. These “elite” see you and your family as superfluous to their vision of the future, so they want you out of the way (literally if possible) and certainly want to strip you of the rights and liberty which were bestowed in former times through bloody revolution and enlightened leaders, and which form the crumbling foundation of modern democracies.

In the eyes of the "elite", democracy is an outdated extravagance standing in the way of a future they have mapped out, one in which they become supreme leaders who own and control everything, including ourselves. As the WEF has boasted, “you will own nothing and be happy.” They camouflage this burning ambition for power as “green agendas” (Agenda 21/30) and necessary economic reforms that our governments have insidiously signed us up to. This grand plan to remove democracy has been in the making for decades, under the radar of the mainstream media, but it always needed some global catastrophe, such as an international war, total social breakdown or a pandemic, to bring it to its totalitarian fruition.

The pandemic scenario was chosen because it is the most rapid, least destructive to infrastructure, and is likely to be the least chaotic with the right pathogen and “vaccination”. This is what is unfolding today, if we have the vision and courage to see it. The stakes are so high that most look the other way, daydreaming their way to oblivion. It is time to wake up and smell the BS.

If you have any questions or comments relating to any of the content on this site, please contact the originator by drilling through to the source files (invariably on another site). We do not originate any of the content except in choosing what to include and writing short intros like this one.

Please note that any health advice, treatment protocols and health products listed on this site are for interest only and are not prescriptive. We cannot give you further information and cannot comment on any health condition or medical requirement. Your health and that of your children is in your hands, and while we always recommend you seek the advice of an independent healthcare practitioner or doctor before following any health protocol, the health of your body (and that of your children) is your responsibility. And in times like these, following "expert advice" can result in severe injuries or even death, so be very careful which experts you decide to follow.

We recommend you choose from those healthcare practitioners who have the insight and fortitude to oppose mRNA “vaccination”. That is a good litmus test for a practitioner or doctor who has your health interests at heart, rather than just being a medical marionette following Big Pharma orders and/or a bounty hunter peddling Big Pharma treatments for the blood money.