There are three primary ways to enslave free people: you can snaffle away their freedoms gradually with bloated government, escalating taxes and distended legislation, so they gradually drown under legal responsibilities and financial strain; you can manufacture and catastrophised global dangers to justify the forfeit of freedom to avert catastrophe; and you can fragment society so there is little social cohesion that can resist tyranny and globalist takeover. (Unexpected calamities can also be used, but manufactured ones are easier to prepare for and control the outcome.) While governments have always grown like cancers on society in a process of self-interest that has been going on for many decades, implementation of manufactured catastrophes and societal fragmentation have been the prime recent accelerants to totalitarianism.

The two manufactured catastrophes that we are being persuaded to give up our freedoms for are man-made global warming (mediated by carbon dioxide production), and respiratory pandemics. Neither of these issues has a solid scientific footing to generate the level of alarm necessary to demand the removal of liberty, so both require relentless exaggeration and propaganda campaigns to fashion them as instruments of social change and willing enslavement.

The global-warming narrative which centres around the need to limit carbon dioxide to prevent warming that will make life on Earth very difficult. However, the current warming models exaggerate the warming, which is why dire prediction after dire prediction has gone by the wayside over the past couple of decades. So relentless propaganda campaigns are needed to keep the narrative alive so that it can be used to destroy economies and transferred untold wealth from ordinary people to the globalists and green industries. It is the perfect ruse: after all, who in their right mind wouldn't want to save this precious planet? But this natural concern makes us vulnerable to control, with exaggerated consequences and imminence of those consequences being used to justify forfeiting individual freedoms for the sake of slowing CO2 production. “We're all going to die!!” has become the mantra used to force the most egregious new legislation upon us, and to prise away liberty from long-term democracies. (Fake grass-roots organisations like Extinction Rebellion are funded to make it appear that the impetus towards slavery is coming from the people, not from the globalists that fund their shenanigans.)

This process of enslavement is formalised in UN Agendas 21 and 30, which our governments have signed us up to decades ago, with no transparency or consultation with those who elected them. These agendas are terrifyingly draconian, which is why most people know nothing or very little about them. When they were agreed, their implications for personal freedom probably seemed too far off for notoriously short-sighted politicians to concern themselves about. However, for those pushing them, democracy and liberty annoyingly put breaks on their plans, so they have orchestrated another contrived emergency to speed up the collapse of society as we know it: the threat of a 'deadly' virus.

The Covid-19 'pandemic' was manufactured through gain-of-function research conducted jointly by America and China, and was likely leaked deliberately. Global catastrophising of this respiratory infection though government and mass media propaganda campaigns, coupled with the deliberate withdrawal of effective early treatment, was then used to justify nationwide lockdowns in 'free' democracies, and this decimate economies (involving a huge transfer of wealth to the mega-rich). Governments (public servants) deliberately used their intelligence services in psychological campaigns to maximise public fear in order to get public obedience, with no regard to the mental health and well-being of the public.

This created the fertile ground for Big Pharma, in league with governments and 'health' organisations like WHO, to unleash experimental mRNA 'vaccines' onto the global population, 'vaccines' that were not actually vaccines at all but a new untested genetic-modification technology that have turned out to be ineffective and extremely dangerous. But in the milieu of fear during a declared pandemic, these jabs were offered as the only life raft available, after safe and effect, but unprofitable, alternatives were deliberately suppressed. The injections were pushed by politicians and compromised medical 'experts' onto over 70% of the world's population, leaving swathes of the injured and dead in their wake. And astonishingly, they are still being pushed by governments and the 'healthcare' system, despite official acknowledgement of their dangers. (Even those few YouTube videos allowed on this topic (most are censored off) still have an official “Ministry of Truth” covid banner underneath to assure their viewers the party line, that these 'vaccines' are “safe and effective”.)

As time goes on, the truth is coming out that these shots have and continue to kill and maimed those that put their trust in the medical profession, as well as those mandated to take them by their governments or employers. The actual figures are unknown as those responsible uncouple the carnage from the cause of the carnage, denying that all the excess deaths and terrible suffering have anything to do with those “safe and effective vaccines”. They vigorously deny the obvious because, to accept the calamity, puts them in the dock for mass-murder.

This might sound like an exaggeration — mass-murder! — but unfortunately it is not. It would be no exaggeration to say that the greatest crime against humanity in human history has been perpetrated in the last couple of years, right under our noses by friendly doctors and nurses, and continues to be perpetrated today. But few, unfortunately, are cognisant of this because the mainstream media, owned by the globalists, is censoring and spinning 24-7, doing everything it can to maintain an official fairytale narrative of the government, its intelligence services and Big Pharma 'keeping us safe' from a deadly 'pandemic' with 'necessary' lockdowns, 'protective' masks and 'safe and effective' medical solutions. All the tyranny is for our own good; how noble of them! But this whole narrative is a lie — a means to enforce tyranny.

The Covid-19 pandemic and mRNA attack was the latest salvo in the war globalists and their private clubs (WEF, WHO, UN etc.) are waging on humanity, a war that justifies mass-murder on a scale never seen in our history. This is a battle for the future of humanity, and for us to lose this battle against the globalists will see the humans that survive this cull being relegated to owned cattle — 'hackable animals'.

But who would want to enslave humanity? Those with a grand vision of control and power-centralisation — the globalists. These individuals and organisations have unimaginable wealth and have taken it upon themselves to create a dystopian future in which they, the tiny 'elite', reign over the masses with absolute power, and this power is exercised through ubiquitous high-tech surveillance and control of our lives. So if money is digital, for example, the threat of our access to it being remotely 'switched off' is enough to keep us in line. This control structure is based on the ideology of eugenics, with the globalists, of course, at the apex.

These predators are psychopathic by nature, and they base their 'right' to rule the masses on their hierarchical eugenic ideology, in which they naturally place themselves at the apex. Restrictions apply to everybody, except themselves. In their eyes, they are born to dominate, and they use their wealth to buy politicians, intelligence services, the media, corporations, NGOs and science itself. They are the ones who established the private globalist clubs — such as the WHO, WEF, UN — that pretend to champion humanity while, in reality, seek to 'sustainably' cull and enslave it. Most of our politicians and other leaders posture as caring and responsible individuals, smiling at the cameras while, behind the scenes, being patted on the back by the likes of Schwab, Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Gates.

Any leader that does not openly oppose these globalists and globalist organisations cannot be trusted. Those that resist, unfortunately, are denigrated as 'right wing' in a divide-and-conquer strategy, as if those on the Left somehow welcome enslavement and mass murder, including that of their children! (That said, there are some who do inexplicably welcome a totalitarian future. These people, along with the autocratic leaders they worship, need to be removed from society and put in secure communities where they can live out their political BDSM fetishes without involving the rest of us.)

It is all too easy to dismiss all this as 'conspiracy theory', no matter how factually based. We dismiss it this way because the mainstream media has programmed us to scorn and reject conspiracy, despite history being one long litany of conspiracy! Why would it be different today? This current global conspiracy is so massive and terrifying in its implications that many cannot and will not see it for what it is, no matter what evidence you present to them. “They wouldn't do that!” is the retort. After all, to accept that 'they are doing that' would mean that the whole system of society — its freedoms, its governments representing the public interest, its friendly doctors and nurses, its intelligence services protecting us, its scientists making our lives easier with new technologies and medicines… all of it… all of it would be a lie to cover up a global agenda to murder a large portion of humanity and lock the remaining up in lockdown cities. This is a terrifying truth!

So most will probably cling to the fiction of benign government and caring doctors and nurses. They avoid too much cognitive dissonance. Others will have the courage to accept the evidence before their eyes and conclude that we have all been betrayed by those we trust. 'They wouldn't do that!' becomes 'They have done that!', just as 'they' did in Nazi Germany 80 years ago. And 'they' are similar tyrants with similar goals. It is for the latter group willing to accept this terrible truth that sites like this have been built for.

The third primary way of destroying societies is to swamp them with unbridled immigration, especially from nations with different religions, values and mores. This destroys community and belonging, so that people are less likely to band together to resist government tyranny and foreign takeover. Trust is central to how Western societies work, and it has been built up over many generations in a milieu of shared values. So when trust is eroded, modern societies break down. This is why Western governments are opening borders to let in economic migrants: they know that this shatters community and result in fragmented societies which, although less pleasant and more chaotic to live in, are easier, in the long run, to control and lock down. This is especially true if the immigrants come from countries with lower experience and expectation of freedom: for them, government tyranny is normal and so it is not opposed.

Those who oppose this mass migration are labelled as 'racists' in an attempt by the globalists to shame them into complying with the orchestrated destruction of their nations and their national identity. At the same time, traditional gender rolls are being dismantled to further break down societal cohesion. Governments and the media continually put out the mantra, “Diversity is Strength.” But the truth is that it depends what is diverse. If it is diversity of values and morals, then society will be weak, not strong.

To those wondering why all this craziness seems to be happening at the same time, the reason for this is to prepare society for a future outlined by the elite in their UN Agenda 2030 which describes a tightly controlled, cattle-like vision of humanity, locked in their stalls for the good of the planet. This plan, which all nations have signed up for, necessitates the destruction of those nations. It is planned and agreed national suicide.

As those planning this totalitarian takeover control the mainstream media, they are able to dictate the predominant narrative so that few understand what is happening. This is why it is important to have the courage to view and research non-mainstream information by independent journalists and scientists that allows us to connect the dots, hopefully without information overload or emotional breakdown at the wholesale betrayal we are witnessing. When those dots connect, what seems like a bewildering array of coincidental disasters that are happening — pandemics, wars, poverty, chaos, food shortages, energy crises, inflation, mass-migration and a huge rise in illness (heart conditions, cancer and strokes) and deaths (even amongst the young) — can be seen for the orchestrated plan it is: a plan by the globalists to grab everything by destroying nations through medical tyranny, fear campaigns, 'green' agendas, social disintegration, deliberate destruction of resources, money devaluation and mass-murder.

When you can see the bigger picture, you realise that obedience to governments that push globalist agendas is entirely misplaced, and it is endangering your life, that of your children, and the future of humanity. These 'elite' see you and your family as superfluous to their vision of the future, so they want you all out of the way (literally, if possible). And if you remain alive, they want to strip you of the rights, wealth and liberty which were bestowed in former times through bloody revolution and enlightened leaders, and which form the foundation of modern democracies. They want you to live as their cattle. An exaggeration? Well, they tried that before in Nazi Germany, which Klaus Schwab is attempting to reinstate, complete with concentration camps.

In the eyes of these 'elite' predators, democracy is an outdated extravagance standing in the way of a future they have almost grasped, one in which they become supreme leaders who own and control everything, including the masses. As the WEF has boasted, “You will own nothing and be happy.” (Do you think Schwab will own nothing?) Their grand plan necessitates the removal of basic freedoms and human rights to bring their predation into its totalitarian fruition.

This information site is anti-globalist and anti-centralised-power, period. Our focus is on stopping the mass-murder and enslavement of humanity. If that gets us labelled as “right-wing” or “conspiracy theorists" or must plain “crazy”, so be it. Our focus is the survival of humanity in a meaningful way (not as slaves), and the information sources we recommend are chosen solely on their clarity in exposing the nightmare globalist agendas, irrespective of their political categorisation. When enough of us wake up to what is going on, a critical mass of of humanity will come to its senses and stop blindly marching in lockstep behind the Pied Piper of Globalism that is leading us to enslavement and extermination. Only then will humanity have a viable outlook.

We will win this war against these predators because we have to. To lose is to lose everything. Please educate those around you on what is happening, on the media lies being spread to cover up global mass-murder and racketeering on an unprecedented scale, and on how our governments and health services have completely sold out. It is time to bring the globalists and their minions to account, and halt this orchestrated descent into totalitarianism. We must fight the good fight for our collective future.

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